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Oblivion est le thème de combat contre le primordial Shiva, composé par Masayoshi Soken.

Comme lors du combat contre Titan, la musique change au fil du combat. Oblivion ne commence qu'après l'attaque Poussière de Diamant de Shiva.


Staring at death, I take a breath, there's nothing left
Now close my eyes, for one last time, and say goodbye
Lying naked while the snow falls all around me
Drifting closer to the edge but She won't have me
Wake up in sweat, full of regret, try to forget
These memories, lurking beneath, lost in a dream

Unchosen paths, a broken past, forespoken wrath
The pain won't cease, I'll find no peace, no sweet release
Fragile creatures, we are taught to fear the Reaper
Ever running, we are dead before we meet Her
These voices telling me let it go (let it all go)
I try and try but I can't say no (try and say no)
This endless nightmare has just begun (nowhere to run)
My heart is dragging me down into oblivion

The endless lies, I've cast aside, locked them in ice
Steeled is my soul, my blood grown cold, I've gained control
Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
Can't defeat Her, so instead I'll have to be Her
These voices screaming to let it go (never let go)
This time I'm screaming back no no no (go on say no)
My mind's made up, yeah my fear is gone (Where have you gone?)
Open my eyes now here I come, oblivion

For the last time (I won't say goodbye)
For the last time (I won't say goodbye)
For the last time (I won't say goodbye)
For the last time